Our brand started as a spirited project designed to merge the surfing, globe-trotter culture with fashion in a versatile modern way. True to its Caribbean roots our brand exudes passion and simplicity with sophisticated pieces that are an ode to girl-power.
Rich in details our bathing suits and cover-ups are created with a unique mix of colors, materials and textures, Excellent quality and design.
We keep our lovers in mind as each fabric, material, pattern, and color is handpicked to produce the utmost exclusive designs and contrasting bold combinations.

Our creative process unites romance and modernity to bring you the most wonderful garments to dive into the magic of the ocean with a sensual touch of distinctive details that will set you apart.

Our name stands for mindful- women empowerment in a very feminine and loving way. From our bookmark tags to our reusable packaging, our products are also for every environmentally conscious #LIAOLover.

Coming from the white sands of Puerto Rico, love is an Ocean is now carefully handcrafted in Miami by women artisans from different backgrounds and cultures, nurturing our sewing industry.

Whether you're seeking adventure, catching waves or lounging by the pool, get in the water and do what you love, because love is an ocean.